Modification Suzuki Thunder Like Aprilia RS 125

Modification Suzuki Thunder Like Aprilia RS 125

Suzuki Thunder 125cc lansiran 2004 this was already out of shape as the original form. With the use of waste legs APRILIA RS 125 can change the look of the original Thundie suzie be the alias of the feminine to masculine. According to the owner, thunder weakness in the sector has a very visible foot small or virtually all forms that are not proportional, "was plump bony legs".

The choices are the feet of APRILIA RS125. besides the form of a futuristic and very luxurious look, this usage there is also another reason that is "light". Due to the foot of this cesspool was using aluminum alloy materials as base materials. Unlike the feet of local production of the majority still use the iron as a material. This usage does not automatically make the Thunder, which caused has only a relatively small cc. This result could thunder run there here, chatter is now a part of the family in Jakarta Thunder Motor Club (JTMC).

Use of any tire that is already fairly large 140 x 70 x17 "to measure the back with a bandage made in the name of Dunlop Arrowmax sakura country. Meanwhile, the front tires wrapped wheel size 110 x 80 x 17 ". But the use of feet is pretty big. A little help with the replacement of the Pilot & mainjet racing and a racing clutch and canvas with RMG brand, this change is felt by rider enough, which is also supported by the front brakes are already adjustable

While self-telescopic front has not been changed again, but with upside down Aprilia too. With the front discs have not been on the left again but moving on the right. Trus the question arises, how to read the speedometer thunder, if the disc had changed places, the automatic location of teeth follow-up nanasnya changed?. For this case the owner had to replace the reader system speed (speedometer) with digital rather than analog or needle system. By changing the digital speedometer which happened to use Speedo from Suzuki Satria F 150, also changed the location of reading. Not anymore with pineapple teeth in the front wheel speed sensor but placed in the front gear. This bike looks so futuristic and sophisticated added.

Meanwhile, in terms of clothing, this thundie not too many changes, only the headlamp which has been replaced with a headlamp also satria F150, Aprilia spakboard Diablo, airscope tiger and custom fiber airscope engines, and equally important is mounted behind breket order to carry while touring. Breket installation also has a reason, in addition to covering the peculiarities of the hind legs longer than the body and also supports the concept of a themed motorcycle Street and touring fighter, which aims to come on the streets and taken in as well touring monggo invited.

This manufacturing process takes about 2 months and ate a pretty good budget but was carried off her satisfaction with the success of this bike as a motorcycle on display at the Suzuki stand at Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ). Want to see the look of this RS125 Suzuki Thunder on stage

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